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19.08.2022 - EC130T2 N55DT - Maloja-Isola/GR

Three people were slightly injured this morning in Engadin when a private EC130T2, for reasons that will have to be clarified, overturned on its left side shortly before 11:00 a.m. 
The three passengers, all foreigners, were on a flight from Samedan/GR that was supposed to take them to France. 
After the accident, they managed to leave the helicopter alone and get to safety. The local ambulance and a Rega helicopter transferred the three slightly injured passengers to the hospital in Samedan.
Several fire brigades and the Graubünden cantonal police rushed on the scene.
The helicopter was severly damaged in the accident. In order to contain the kerosene spillage, the fire brigade took environmental protection measures. A specialist from the Office for nature and the environment checked the environmental protection measures on site.
In order to clarify the exact course of events and the cause of the accident, experts of the Swiss Transportation Safety Investigation Board (STSB) have opened an inquiry.