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The payload

The first helicopters in service in Switzerland as for example the Bell 47G/J had limited performances and were capable to transport a payload of about 200-250 kg. For the customer their hourly cost instead was extremely high (about 500.00 Sfr. in the 1950s). Consequently it was necessary to prepare and weigh each load accurately. By doing this it was possible to overwork the transport capacity of the helicopter and guarantee contemporary a sufficient margin of safety for the pilot.
In the picture n° 1 taken in July 1958 the mechanic Josef (Seppi) Knecht is weighting a load of wood tiles which will be used to cover the roof of a mountain hut.
The exact weight was written directly on the cargo or in a list.
In the picture n° 2 the load is ready to be trasported by Sepp Bauer here at the controls of the Agusta-Bell 47G2 HB-XAP in service with Pilatus Air Service.