I was born in 1972 and I live in Sementina, a village which merged in 2017 into the municipality of Bellinzona, the capital city of Ticino. The southernmost canton of Switzerland, Ticino is the only one in which Italian is the sole official language.
Since I graduated at the commercial school I have been working for the canton administration.
I have been cultivating my aviation interest since childhood, firstly for early aeroplanes and much later for helicopters.
For my friends I am a "rotary-wing historian" but in reality I only have a genuine and keen interest in helicopters. Numerous are the articles I wrote in the past years for newspapers, aviation magazines and internet sites.
In different occasions for local aviation organizations I presented themes related to the helicopter world.
I am in contact with other friends around the world who share the same hobby.
I also have other interests such as photography, mountain walks, skiing, gardening, history books and cocking.
Despite a handicap to my left forearm in May 2014 I obtained my private helicopter pilot license PPL(H) realizing my childhood dream. I'm without doubt a resilient person.

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