What is the heli-archive? What are its purposes?

The goal of the Heli-Archive is to acquire, manage, protect and make accessible to qualified people for research and educational purposes, historical documents and memorabilia associated with the world of the rotary-wing in Switzerland.

Essentially HA is a private collection of books, magazines, technical papers, photographs, pamphlets, videos, newspaper articles, information, etc. concerning Swiss civil helicopters.
The main purpose is the conservation of the memoirs of those who contributed in various ways, especially in Switzerland, to the development and the expansion of civil helicopters. The idea to create the HA was born many years ago when I met some old pilots and mechanics of the so called “first generation”, the same people who had believed in the future of this new revolutionary mean of transport.
Thanks to this website each helicopter enthusiast has the opportunity to read their stories and the main facts happened in Switzerland. It is especially thanks to their generous contribution that I can now show you a part of the photographic material I found during my research, which now keeps me busy during my free time. Unfortunately I was told that a part of the documentation has gone lost, or worst it has been destroyed because nobody seemed to be interested. As it often happens when a person or a company ceases its activity nobody has the necessary sensibility to think of the posterity and destroy interesting historical information.
The same happens when an helicopter operator moves to a new location or when someone dies. Some companies do not have a photo archive and do not have the interest or do not feel the need to create one. Frequently these companies are later desperately trying to find historical photographs to celebrate anniversaries or to commemorate the beginning of their activity. 
This is why one of the other important purposes of the HA is to do the necessary steps to prevent the further destruction of historical papers concerning the rotary-wing.
Unfortunately this is not my everyday job, and that is why all kinds of contributions are very welcome.
As I pointed out names, places, dates and other various information (that essentially concern civil events which took place in Switzerland), I tried to be as precise as I could. So if there are any mistakes or inaccuracies, I apologise in advance. Please excuse my writing mistakes (English is not my mother language) and thank in advance to all the visitors for their suggestions. I thank all the people who help me until now and will continue to do it in the future.
If you share my same interests do not hesitate to contact me.

Now I wish you a pleasant reading and fun in company of HA!