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Men have always dreamed to be able to fly like birds.


In the following sheet you will find brief biographies of people who are/were closely connected with the rotary-wing.


Here is a short chronology of the main events that marked the history of the rotary-wing in Switzerland since the presentation of the first helicopter in October 1947.


The first flights of the helicopters done in Switzerland in 1947 and 1948 with the Bell 47B and the Sikorsky S-51 clearly demostrated their great versatility.


  • Bernd Van Doornick

    Bernd Van Doornick is among of the most experienced helicopter pilots. He has in fact logged more than 24'500 flight hours, most of which have been…

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    François-Xavier Bagnoud

    On January 14, 1986, the Swiss rotary-wing world lost a promising young man in a tragic accident: François-Xavier Bagnoud was only 24 years old when…

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    Hughes 500D

    The birth of the Hughes 500D is directly linked to a helicopter developed by the Hughes Tool Company during the final stages of the Vietnam war to…

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