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Peter Wernli - In memoriam

Aeronautical engineer Peter Wernli passed away last February 15, 2016 at the age of 72 years following health problems. He was one of the best known rotary-wing historians in Switzerland.

Peter was for many years a reference point for the Swiss and the international rotary-wing community. He was an aviation journalist and worked for important aeronautical magazines for which he has written countless articles on his favorite theme: helicopters.
Few people can boast such a wide historical (and technical) knowledge like him. His deep passion for aviation started at a very young age. During his childhood he started aeromodelling and then, at the end of compulsory school, he continued his studies obtaining a degree as an aeronautical engineer.
For many years he worked as aviation expert on behalf of the Military Engineering Section (of the Federal Military Department).
Health problems have unfortunately increasingly conditioned Peter’s life to the extent that he had to undergo a heart transplant.
Over the years he collected a considerable amount of books, magazines, photos, slides, movies, brochures, and technical reports giving life to the Heli-Archive Wernli, as he nicknamed his private collection.
Peter was a serious and precise journalist, a characteristic very much appreciated by readers.
For many years he has managed relations with manufacturers, pilots and fans from around the world accumulating a huge historical and technical knowledge.
During the summer 2016 a large part of his archive was handed over to the Hubschraubermuseum Bückeburg (Helicopter Museum Bückeburg in Germany).
At Peter’s will the undersigned, along with the Swiss museum of transport in Lucerne and the Air Force Museum in Dübendorf, have had the privilege to inherit a part of Peter’s documentation collection. Of course I am very grateful to Peter for this.
His documentation will certainly be very helpful and will be used to prepare the in-depth articles published on this webpage
Peter was used to end his letters with an invitation: "Do not take your organs to heaven - heaven knows we need them here."

Thanks Peter for everything you have done for our common passion for the rotary-wing! We will miss you.

HAB 08/2016