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This section presents a collection of footages of which a large part was filmed using old 8mm films, consequently for these videos there is no sound. Although filmed with humble equipment by insiders or amateurs these footages represent significant historical value as they also evidence progress in the field of aerial work. The sequences are presented cronologically, by date and by registration.

1963 - Bell 47G2 HB-XAX - "Transport of passengers" - running time 1'33'' - silent

The helicopter visible in this video is the Bell 47G2 HB-XAX in service with Heliswiss and it is piloted by Jacques-Pascal Castaing (1928-1964). It was filmed during Summer 1963 on the soccer field of Monte Carasso/TI where some residents were awaiting to get uplifted to their mountain huts.
To mention that the French pilot Castaing died in a flight accident on the 9th of September 1964 in Saas Almagell/VS (read his story in the section people/pilots). Note that supplies were transported in the horizontal nets placed alongside the cabin.
Watch the video:

1963 - Agusta-Bell 204B HB-XBN - "Transport of concrete" - running time 1'43''

The video shot in the summer 1963 shows the Agusta-Bell 204B HB-XBN, recently purchased by Heliswiss, engaged in the transportation of concrete. In the absence of buckets in use today the concrete was dumped in a cloth stretched over a net, which was then attached to the helicopter.
The Agusta-Bell 204B could raise a suspended load up to 1'000 kg. In the movie it is piloted by Walter Demuth, while on the ground there are two flight attendants (the one with the helmet is Rudolf Renggli).
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1964/1965 - Agusta-Bell 204B HB-XBO - "Hay transport" - running time 1'29'' - silent

The sequences were filmed in the region of the Rigi/SZ around the mid 1960s. Agusta-Bell 204B HB-XBO in service with Heliswiss is shown transporting some loads of hay to an isolated mountain farm. The pilot is Helmut Hugl, while the two flight assistants are Rudolf Renggli (with helmet) and Jean Pierre Füllemann, who later became a helicopter pilot.
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Agusta-Bell 204B HB-XBO - "Gravel transportation with the aluminium bucket" - running time 1'20" - silent

The video was made in the late 1960s and shows the helicopter in service with Heliswiss while it transports gravel to a mountain work site. The special aluminium gravel bucket introduced in those years, which has a capacity of about 800 litres, speeds up the work...
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January 1965 - Sikorsky S-64 Sky Crane D-9510 - "Transportation of drill equipment" - running time 3'22' - (the soundtrack is not original)

The sequences of this homevideo were filmed in Olivone in January 1965 when Heliswiss rent the Sikorsky S-64 Sky Crane registered D-9510 to transport heavy equipment for a drill station situated in an isolated alpine region near the Lukmanier Pass.
At the controls of the helicopter there were pilot Jack Porth (Sikorsky), co-pilot Heinz Hofmann (VFW) and the flight-engineer Ulrich Heider (VFW).
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1964/1965 - Agusta-Bell 47G3B-1 HB-XBW - "Transportation of firewood" - running time 1'37'' - silent

The sequences were filmed in the region of Lauterbrunnen/BE where helicopter Agusta-Bell 47G3B-1 HB-XBW in service with Heliswiss is tasked to transport some loads to the Mutthorn (2'898 m) mountain hut. Sitting at the controls is Jean Seydoux (1919-1980 - read his story in the section people/pilots). After refueling the helicopter takes off lifting a load of firewood secured inside two nets.
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Agusta-Bell 47G3B-1 HB-XBY - "Flight demonstration in Bellinzona/TI" - running time 1'45" - silent

The video was made on the 16th of October 1965 at the old heliport of Bellinzona (also known as the aviation field "Prato Lorenzi") where the helicopter company Eliticino, founded by the entrepreneur Claudio Valsesia, moved its first steps. The film shows pilot Siegfried Stangier while he performs some aerial stunts.
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1965 - Agusta-Bell 47G3B-1 HB-XBZ - "Gravel transport" - running time 2'30'' - silent

This sequence was filmed in Rivera/TI in 1965 where helicopter Agusta-Bell 47G3B-1 HB-XBZ, in service with Heliswiss, was tasked to transport gravel. The helicopter is piloted by Jean Seydoux (1919-1980), one of the first helicopter pilots active in Ticino. Clearly visible in this film is the first bucket emptying device developed by Heliswiss personnel.
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Summer 1967 - Agusta-Bell 47G3B-1 HB-XBY -Transportation of building material - running time 2'06" - silent

The video filmed by G. Chiesa shows the helicopter Agusta-Bell 47G3B-1 HB-XBY in service with Eliticino while it transports building material for the construction of a prefabricated hut. The helicopter pilot is Siegfried (Sigi) Stangier.
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Late 1960s - Agusta-Bell 47G2 HB-XCH - "Globi flies with the helicopter" - running time 30'' - silent

In this short sequence filmed at the airport of Belp/BE in the late 1960s Globi, one of the most popular characters in Switzerland, flies with the helicopter Agusta-Bell 47G2 HB-XCH in service with Gribair SA. Sitting at the controls is Franz Gribi.
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1969 - Agusta-Bell 206A Jet Ranger HB-XCX - "Emergency inflatable pontoons test" - running time 2' - silent

The helicopter in service with Aztec is tested in Belp/BE with emergency inflatable pontoons. The film shows the helicopter in flight and the inflation of the pontoons fitted to the skids. Finally the helicopter touches down on water.
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Suriname 1971 - Recovery of a Bell 206A Jet Ranger

After a technical problem the Bell 206A Jet Ranger HB-XCP is airlifted to the base for the repair works by the Agusta-Bell 204B HB-XCG. Both helicopters belong to Heliswiss.
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1972 - Operation Spitsbergen

Two helicopters Agusta-Bell 204B in service with Heliswiss are employed to airlift on the Spitsbergen island 2,500 tons of material necessary to the assembly of a drill station on behalf of the Belgian company Petrofina.
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Aerodrome of Bex/VD, May 2004 - Westland/Agusta-Bell 47G3B-1 HB-XMG - "Power off autorotation" - time 1'36"

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