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2001 - 2010


13 February - During the Heli-Expo organized in Anaheim (California) the Swiss pilot Anton (Toni) Lötscher, chief-base of the Rega in Gsteigwiler/BE, receives the prestigious "Robert E. Trimble Memorial Award". Lötscher has on his active over 14'000 flight hours and 3'500 SAR missions.

June - During the 44th Paris Air Show which is organised in Le Bourget/France Rega announces its decision to acquire four Eurocopter EC-145 helicopters to complete its Agusta A109K2 fleet.


October - The helicopter Guimbal Cabri G2 F-WYHG developed by the French company Hélicoptères Guimbal is tested at the airport of Samedan. The small two-seater is powered by a Textron Lycoming O360-J2A with a maximum continuous power of 108/145 kW/hp. The flight tests are conducted by the test pilot Oliver Gensse who set on August 21, 2005 a new altitude record for helicopters weighing less than 500 kg rising to 6'558 meters.


Rega puts into service the Agusta-Westland AW109SP Da Vinci. The new helicopter developed jointly by Agusta and Westland is a modern light twin-turbine specifically developed from the highly suc-cessful Grand. Rega selected this helicopter project in late 2006 following an extensive evaluation process. The Da Vinci, successor to the Agusta A109K2 selected by Rega in 1989 and put into service in 1992, will ensure a quantum leap forward in mission effectiveness and responsiveness for the high mountain rescue requirements. The REGA foundation placed an order for eleven aircraft plus four options.

7 August - The Russian helicopter MIL MI-26T Halo transports in two stages the maxi-catamaran Alinghi 5 from the lake of Geneva to Genoa (Italy). The giant aircraft did a flight of about 270 km flying over the Great St. Bernard Pass at 2'469 m.


29 April – Air Zermatt’s pilot Daniel Aufdenblatten (35) and mountain guide Richard Lehner (38) while in Nepal to give an alpine training course pull off the highest helicopter mountain rescue ever attempted.
The Swiss crew using an AS 350B3 Squirrel fly high in the Annapurna region at an altitude of 7’000 meters to rescue three climbers in difficulty.
For this extraordinary rescue the team net the Heroism Award in Washington on the 8th of March 2011.
The rescuers also duly celebrate after their return to Zermatt.

June - During the Europen demonstration tour Bell presents in Switzerland its latest helicopter, the Bell 429 F-FTNB (s/n 57002) , the successor of the 427.
The aircraft performs various demonstrations in Samedan, Sion and Belp. On 22 and 23 June the helicopter flies in Valais. During one of the flights at its MTOW it hovers on the Dent Blanche at an altitude of 4'357 m/sm.
The twin engine helicopter is powered by a two Pratt & Whitney 207D1 turbines provided with FADEC, having each a MCP power of 488/655 kW/cv. The Bell 429 haves a MTOW (with an internal cargo) of 3'175 kg and can accomodate up to seven passengers.
The helicopter is sold by Bell for about 5 millions US dollars.
On 24 June the aircraft is presented in Belp and then it left Switzerland to continue its tour in Germany.