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The creation of this website, which begun during the Winter 2008, have required a special effort of preparation. A considerable amount of time was invested before I decided to open this site. It was in fact necessary to patiently collect a lot of historical information. The pilots, the mechanics, flight assistants and the other people interwieved have been extremely kind and friendly. Their boost has been for me very precious and repaid largerly my efforts. The long trips necessary to meet all them has been also for me a nice opportinity to better know the various Swiss regions. Almost all the people I meet spoke German or French. Consequently it has been necessary to translate the text at first in Italian (my mother language) and then in English. The latter, being the aviation official language, should be of easy comprehension and consequently should give to a larger number of keen on helicopters the opportunity to read the contents of this website.

Despite my great efforts to prepare accurately this website it is almost certain that you will find writing mistakes or imprecisions, and for these please accept in advance my apologies.